Eva-Maria BAUR - Presidential address - 2019

Eva-Maria BAUR - Presidential address - 2019

President’s Word 2019: Eva-Maria Baur

 “I was EWAS – getting IWAS”

In Berlin during the greatest IFSSH/FESSH-congress until now – the General Assembly from EWAS happens as always during the FESSH congress in June.

Here some important changes of the society happens – the most important is, that EWAS officially decided to become from the name international. The way to live is since the beginning in 2005 very international, but there was still “European” in the name.
Now we decided to change the bylaws and name according to our live to IWAS (International Wrist Arthroscopy Society) – as soon there is a new website we will inform you.
Next point is that I can talk to you as the new president of IWAS. The 13th president is the first female president in 14 years, and first president of IWAS (before EWAS).

I am very delighted and proud, I feel so honoured of this election and confidence all of you gave to me.
For me there are some important issues to push forward.

  • For sure to work on the courses worldwide with all our friends and teaching all over the world. Maybe combined in the future with e-based tools on top. This could happen in IWAS-courses but also in IWAS-endorsed courses as already has been done.
  • Try to advance more multicentre scientific research in high quality.
  • And last but not least to encourage all young members - and please allow me as the first female president to ask especially the young women – to be active in our society. For these we can invent a platform for mentoring for every kind of needs. Young, old, experienced, beginners, women and men, in different areas of the world.
  • Working closer with the different other societies dealing with the hand and wrist, like FESSH, IFSSH, APWA, …

Please feel free to contact me for any issue.

Yours Sincerely, Eva-Maria Baur

Rresident of IWAS (www.wristarthroscopy.eu)
Pre-President of German Hand Surgery Society (www.dg-h.de)
Practice for Plastic and Hand Surgery

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