Dear Friends,

Dear Friends,

On June 19th 2019, during the GA of EWAS to Berlin, our scientific society EWAS officially became IWAS, ie International, what it was already for a very long time.

It is with great pride that I founded this society 15 years ago with a group of friends. This is one of them, Max Haerle, who will, after Jan-Ragnar Haugstvedt, take the post of Secretary General.

Imagine what we have achieved in 15 years: 30 courses all over the world, a forum that allows us to discuss difficult cases almost every day, a journal, JWS, that has 6 issues per year, 7 published books, and especially the creation of a worldwide group of friends passionate, with which we revolutionized the understanding and the treatment of the patghologies of the wrist.

The arthroscopy of the wrist is not a sect, it is just a tool that has become indispensable for the treatment of many pathologies.

Now, probably, we have to go further and make this group of global friends and this wonderful IWAS society a more global scientific society dedicated to all the diseases of the wrist, and not only to arthroscopy.

This is the huge, but simplified, task now falling to the fantastic executive office of IWAS, of which I am no longer a part.

I become a member like the others, proud of the path accomplished, but serene about the future of our group.

Friends, it’s up to you to play!



Pr. Christophe MATHOULIN

International Wrist Center
Clinique Bizet, PARIS

Tel : 01 84 130 460

Clinique de l’Ospédale, Porto-Vecchio


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