Dear All the IWAS members and all the wrist Lovers,

Dear All the IWAS members and all the wrist Lovers,

At the beginning of the new year, as the President of  IWAS , I would like to extend my New Year’s greetings to everyone.

The past year 2020 is destined to be recorded in history. Under the epidemic, we have maintained a distance between each other; however, distance produces beauty, which makes us more grateful for the long-lasting help and support from our friends.

This year, we may never shake hands or hug, but we still saw smiles on each other's faces;
This year, we may not operate wrist arthroscopy together, but we are still discussing the technical improvement of wrist arthroscopy;
This year, we may not have dinner and wine together, but let us cherish the preciousness of friendship even more.

Due to the epidemic, the FESSH conference was changed to an online meeting, but we have still completed the renewal of the IWAS committee on time.
Due to the epidemic, many lecturers and participants did not personally attend this year's IWAS courses, but we have held Webinars many times to carry out more discussions on wrist arthroscopy.

Occasionally stopping of the busy work at hand, did not change the direction of our moving forward. Instead, it allows us to continue striding forward with more confidence after a short rest and thinking.
The new year 2021 will definitely be an exciting year.

Till now,
Although the epidemic still exists, people have gradually learned how to protect themselves;
Although the epidemic still exists, everyone has united and bravely confronted it;
Although the epidemic still exists, the situations in many areas have already improved.

After the epidemic is controlled, we will resume classroom-style academic discussions and hands-on technical teaching as soon as possible, because the lack of these forms during the epidemic has made us more clearly see the irreplaceability of these learning methods.
Looking forward to seeing all the friends again, and talking about the development of wrist arthroscopy together in the near future!

wish all the friends and your family a healthy, wealthy and happy new year!

Wen-Dong Xu M.D. & Ph.D.
Professor of Hand Surgery
President of Chinese Society for Surgery of the Hand
President of IWAS
Elected-President of APWA


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