Dear All, The EWAS General Assembly was held in Athen last thursday (wrist arthroscopy european society) [ 07-03 - 2007]

Dear All, The EWAS General Assembly was held in Athen last thursday (wrist arthroscopy european society) [ 07-03 - 2007]

1/ New President

Our next president Francisco Del Pinal  will be president from 2008 to 2009. 
So you won't have to choose a new president yet in order to elect him in Lausanne. Because of the European character of our group, I propose to you to choose a president in the northern part of Europe. Thank you to think of who could take this place and to let me know it before the next year.


2/ Writs arthroscopy courses, Strasburg

Because of the very great success of our courses, we decided to work in 3 directions:

- Creation of one day course with a personal sponsoring, organized by and with the ewas in strasburg
- Development of the courses in Barcelona under the direction of Riccardo Luchetti, with the assistance of Ewas, at a rate of a course per annum 
- Possibility of creation of other courses elsewhere (Poland for example)


3/ Fessh Congress-Ewas congress

 Our first session was done during the Fessh meeting in Athen. It was a great a success and the session was one of the most attended. Thank you so much to Didier Fontes, Riccardo Luchetti and Francisco del Pinal who organized this session. 

For 2008 in Lausane, you'll find as file attachment the announcement for the precongress that we'll organize on 18th june.Please register and also take part in Fessh. The fessh is our privileged interlocutor and the congress of Fessh must become our principal congress, it is capital !!!!For 2008 we'll have too an important session dedicated into the fessh meeting. I'll take in charge the organisation with Francisco Pinal, Riccardo Luchetti and Tommy Lindau ; There will be a short round table (30 minutes) about the "training of wrist arthroscopy in Europe", and an important session about the Cyst removal, but we have to develop a free papers session too. So do not hesitate to send us your paper.As for certain surgeons more beginners in arthroscopy it is difficult to present important series, and thus to dare to speak, we decided to help them in their trustful our cases corresponding to the period as of theirs.
So,  you have something to present, do not hesitate  to contact a senior colleague in order to help you to complete work.

For 2009 we have decided with the president Romanowski to have a dedicated session with live surgery in Potznan during the Fessh congress.

For 2010 we will organize something too with the help of the president Georgescu


4/ Ewas "technical book"

We decided to make a book of techniques simple but complete, under the direction of Riccardo Luchetti and myself. We wait until Riccardo contacted the editor to finalize the project and we will then ask you to take part in it 


5/ Website development

As you know Philippe Liverneaux is too much busy and cannot spend all its time for the web site and it is a real problem for us. So Jane Messina was elected as webmaster and she accepted the challenge. She'll contact in a few weeks Philippe and Mister Pannas in order to organize the change. We wish her a great success, ...because we need a great success in this way...


6/ "Terry Whipple" Price


The next price will be given in 2008 to the congress of Lausanne, and the choice of the prize winner will be made by the college of the presidents (Christian Dumontier, Didier Fontes, Riccardo Luchetti and Francisco Del Pinal)


7/ Various questions
- Thanks to Loris Pegoli and Riccardo Luchetti, Ewas will take part the next year in the annual congress of APFSSH, gathering of the Asia-Pacific hand societies. This society becomes very important, and it is an honor for us to take part in their annual meeting. Loris and Riccardo will give us more explanation with time

- For the congress in Cortina d'Ampezzo we decided to find other dates apart from the tourist seasons. Ferdinando will keep us informed

- We also decided to gather us by city or area in order to be able to offer a greater selection of patients for the foreign visitors. For example to Paris and Rheims, we will gather with Didier Fontes, Philippe Roure, Xavier Martinache, Christian Dumontier and I. We will choose dates, for example 2 per annum, and we will open our operating theatre during 1 to 2 weeks. We will let it know by the intermediary of the web site. I commit you to create this kind of network in your areas

- Philippe Kopilov is became an Honor member. It is a great honor for us.


Pr. Christophe MATHOULIN
Institut de la Main, PARIS


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