Very strange case - june 2011

Very strange case - june 2011

dear forum,

this person is 22 year old amateur hockey player, last year he started to have intermittent pain in his both wrists , after 6 months of observing him / he repeatedly cancelled and rebooked the surgery, as his symptoms changed / i did diagnostic arthroscopy of his left wrist- with completely normal finding. he came afterwards only twice , he was doing quite good and i discharged him from my care.
he came to me 9 months after surgery with his mother, since 5 months he refuses to use his both hands, parents and family are feeding him, doing hygiene , he uses his phone with his feet . nobody can touch his hand.
i appreciate any help , what is the diagnosis, what should i do , what can we expect. thank you

dear friends , thank you for comments.
in the meantime patient had a complete rheumatology consult with lot of labs, - no sign of rheumatic disease , neurologist diagnosed slight hyperreflexia on the right side, ordered brain mri and conduction studies.
8 hours psychologic diagnosis revealed slight hysteric disorder, possibility of secondary gain and conversion, but only very mild .
i will do angio consult
i am sending once more pictures from 2010 and from 2011

roman totkovic, kosice, slovakia

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