painful snapping after ulna shortening

painful snapping after ulna shortening

Dear Friends. I would ask Your advice  in this young man ( 33 y) : he had  a wrist fracture in childhood and had ulna + situation.  he fell down with bicycle and got pain in his wrist 1 year ago . In MRI and arthroscopy TFCC was loose   ulnarly. DRUJ was  snapping.

 I did ulnar  shortening osteotomy as well as  TFCC ulnar fixation in bone channels, December 2014. During operation  DRUJ seemed to be stable.   After taking  cast of after 5 weeks  distal ulna    began painfull snapping  again, even more painful  than before operation. We fixed DRUJ  in place  with K wires for 4 weeks.  Snapping  began soon  again after  K wires were taken off.

 If someone  of You  has  time to look trough these X rays and give some comments, I should be grateful.


Leena Raudasoja

Hand Surgeon

Helsinki University Hospital



please find attached files

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