Minutes from General Assembly at FESSH- June 2015

Minutes from General Assembly at FESSH- June 2015

Minutes from the

Friday June 19, 2015 at 12:00 – 14:00

1. Introductory remarks from the Secretary General. (Haugstvedt)
The secretary Secretary General welcomed everybody to the GA and gave some general remarks on the status of the society, topics that were open for discussion later in the GA.

2. Presentation of the EWAS junior grant. (Piñal)
Paco Piñal informed that the winner of last year’s junior grant, Maarten van Nuffel, would give his report and presentation during the EWAS symposium.

3. Presidential Report. (Atzei)
Andrea Atzei reported on the different activities throughout the last year; the different courses, different meetings as well as the current status of the society.

4. Report from the Journal of Wrist Surgery. (Atzei)
In the absence of the editor of JWS, Andrea Atzei gave the report from the journal. The number of full text requests has increased from year to year and is looking to increase even more this year. The most downloaded requests were on “Special focus” followed by “Scientific articles” and then “Case reports”. Among “Special focus” were the Scapholunate ligament complex, Perilunate injuries and Radial Translation of distal radius fractures the most popular ones. The number of submitted papers in increasing from 25 in 2012, 67 in 2013 to 77 in 2014. At the beginning of June in 2015 the JWS had 40 submissions for 2015. United States has the highest number of accepted papers followed by France and Australia. In 2015 the average number of days before decision of a paper is down to 17 days. The conclusion is that the official journal for EWAS, JWS, has been a great success.

5. Update on meetings and courses and future directions. (Mathoulin)
Christophe Mathoulin informed about future plans for EWAS. There will be EWAS courses, regular EWAS courses, or supported or endorsed courses, in Strasbourg (2 basic courses and 1 advanced course), Singapore (new), Bengalore (new), Markgröeningen, Shanghai, Brazil, Arezzo, Rotterdam, Lyon and Copenhagen (every other year). EWAS will also participate at the course in Hong Kong.

6. Election of new Executive committee members. (Haugstvedt)
According to EWAS’ by-laws, the members of the EWAS board are elected at the GA. The following members were elected: Secretary General: Jan Ragnar Haugstvedt Vice Secretary General: Henk Coert President: PC Ho First vice President: Guillaume Herzberg Past President: Andrea Atzei Treasurer: Nicole Schmelzer-Schmied Teaching committee: Christophe Mathoulin Future development and Scientific committee: Philippe Livernaux IT committee: Jane Messina

7- Report from Internet committee. (Messina)
Jane Messina reported on the changes and improvements that have been done with the website. The structure of the website has been renewed in order to make it more effective and quick, and to have the possibility of posting several files to each announcement. All the new connections to the new bank account and the payment of the dues via PayPal have been established, and everything seems to work well with the online payments of the dues. She will continue the work with the webmaster whenever new problems come up, or will consider changes upon requests/comments/proposals.

8. Report from Studio Progress (Secretary Office). (Valerio)
Paola Valerio reported on the activity of Studio Progress who has now taken over the secretary function of EWAS. The main task is to register the members that have paid their dues. Studio Progress keeps a constantly updated membership list, every month a list will be sent to the SG and the treasurer.

9. Membership. New members, suspensions, exclusions. (Haugstvedt/Valerio)
The members who do not pay their dues will receive a reminder and will be informed that following two years without paying the dues, they will be excluded as members and will loose their privilege to access of the EWAS forum and will no longer receive the JWS.

10. Financial Report. (Schmelzer-Schmied)
GEAP does no long exist as an organization. EWAS has started to receive payment to our new account in Switzerland. EWAS will follow the calendar for the financial reports, and as a consequence of the recent establishment of EWAS in Switzerland, we’ll wait for next year for the financial report.

11. EWAS in Switzerland. (Haerle)
Max Haerla informed about the establishment of EWAS as an organization based in Switzerland. EWAS has worked in cooperation with FESSH with this new location: Both FESSH and EWAS are now based in Switzerland. EWAS has new By-Laws (accepted at an extraordinary General Assembly November, 2015), and we, as an organization, have established cooperation with a Lawyer, a Notary and Tax-adviser. EWAS will follow the Swiss rules for paying taxes, for receiving sponsorships (if any) and will be “transparent”.

12. Decision of membership fee (including subscription of JWS). (Haugstvedt)
The membership fee will stay the same for the next year. 13. Inauguration of the New President. (Haugstvedt) The Secretary General welcomed our new President (PC HO), who gave a short speech. 14. Next GA. (Haugstvedt) The next GA will be held at the FESSH meeting in Santander, June 2016. Jan Ragnar Haugstvedt Secretary General, EWAS

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