Long ulna, 16 YO, tennis player

Long ulna, 16 YO, tennis player

Dear collegues,

This is a young lady (future professionnal tennis player)16 yeras old, who has a painfull long ulna for one year.

She previously had  injections and a wrist arthroscopy with only debridment and synovectomy.

She can not play tennis any more. She is painfull on the ulnar side of the wrist but also on the luno triquetral ligament

I usualy use an oblique intra articular osteotomy as the procedure I previously presented but I never did this procedure on young people with an opened growth cartilage.

would you perform a wafer procedure although the growth cartilage is still open and what would you do with the LT lig?

thank you for your help

Dr Christian COUTURIER




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