On the 19 th of March 2005, the members of the « European Group for the arthroscopie of the Wrist, European Wrist arthroscopy Society », met with assembled constituent and after discussion and exchange of views adopted their status.
The first meeting of the office took place April 30 2005.
The committee of EWAS met on Saturday 30 th of April 2005 in Paris. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire attendance, in particular Michel Levadoux who came from Toulon shortly after returning from Brussels, and Philippe Liverneaux who came from La Rochelle then flew the day after to Japan!

We have decided few essential points:

  • An account has been opened in Credit Lyonnais by our treasurer and you will all receive soon the subscription form (except honorary members)
  • We discussed the scientific research for presentation in meetings as well as presentation in scientific journals:
    Two projects have been identified: Ganglion treatment (Directed by Christian Dumontier & scientific Coordinator by Michel Levadoux) and Intraarticular Fractures of the radius (Directed by Jean-Michel Cognet and Tommy Lindau - if he accepts- & scientific Coordinator Philippe Samson). They will send you the data sheet soon by e-mail. I hope you can start collecting your data after you review your patients then send them to the scientific lead for each project. This will achieve one of the aims of EWAS to produce large scientific series, which could be used as references.
  • We discussed the difficult problem of relations with the SFA. The committee agrees to benefit from the work done by the SFA with the Icrad/EITS in Strasbourg. We are going to benefit from: reduction of the TVA, using the "Saw-bones", fresh cadavers, larger diffusion etc etc.
    However, this will cause a problem for the first course on the 25-26 th of November. It is not possible to cancel it, in relation to Icrad/EITS and Professor Marescaux who both gave us confirmation. On the other side, we cannot benefit from other sponsors, as they already budgeted their year, or they would not be interested. So, we will not be able to benefit from the SFA for the first course and we have to plan with them for the future, as it is not clear if sponsors will be interested in the wrist. The committee also agreed for the demand by one of the members to create a course for the endoscopic carpal tunnel, which could be organised in Paris in the surgical college in Fer-à-Moulin.
  • We would like to bring to mind the absolute necessity that our society have a European dimension, and from the general assembly in December, we would like to reshuffle the committee to include non French European members. A call to candidates in different region will be open to a vote in the General assembly.
  • The Website is in the hands of Philippe Liverneaux. He had some help from Daniel Cloutier from Quebec. We have an obligation for sponsoring reasons. Also we would encourage all members to help the development of our website.
  • Finally, our president Christian Dumontier proposed, with the full backing of the committee, the creation of "Virtual Wrist" for education purposes. This is an ambitious project, which will the mark the presidency of Christian, so he will be in charge with anybody else interested in the project.

In Summary:

  • Call for all future projects. For all propositions please contact the secretary general
  • Call for new candidates to the committee, please contact the secretary general
  • Call for help in the creation of the website, please contact Philippe Liverneaux
  • Call for paying your subscription as soon as you receive it
  • Call to contact Christian Dumontier for the "Virtual wrist"
  • Call in regard to our two projects with our scientific lead.
  • At the end, don't forget to inform me if you are interested in our course in November (30 places, 10 subscribed already), they will be two next year, one in French the other in English.