The European Group of Wrist Arthroscopy, European Wrist Arthroscopy Society, was created on the 19 th of March 2005 by the initiative of Prof. Christophe Mathoulin (Paris - France) helped and supported by Mr. Jean-Jacques Dupuy from Storz and by a group of enthusiastic surgeons of various interests.

The working patterns for this assembly was split up in several parties:
- Analysis, discussion and creation of the foundation for:

  • Course Project of the IRCAD/EITS
  • European course Project
  • Scientific Publications
  • IT Project
  • Approach of the « technical and instrumentation » problems

The Status were accepted and signed by all the present members:

  • Michel Levadoux Hopital Sainte-Anne Toulon - France
  • Xavier Martinache Clinique Reims - France
  • Michel Rigault Clinique Les Cédres Brives la Gaillarde - France
  • Pierre Mouton Institut Aquitain de la Main Bordeaux - France
  • Philippe Samson Institut de la Main Marseille - France
  • Christian Dumontier Institut de la Main Paris - France
  • Christophe Mathoulin Institut de la Main Paris - France
  • Philippe Moreel CHU Clermont-Ferrand - France
  • Philippe Tchenio Centre de la Main Toulon - France
  • Marc Limousin CHU Pr. Fontaine Lille - France
  • Antoine Cousin CHR Fort de France Martinique - France
  • Jane Messina Milan - Italy
  • Ferdinando Darin Cortina d'Ampezzo ITALIE
  • Sherif Wilson Bristol ANGLETERRE
  • Sherif Amin Le Caire EGYPTE
  • Didier Fontes Paris
  • Philippe Roure Paris
  • Max Haerle Luxembourg Allemagne
  • Massimo Masserella Perugia ITALIE
  • Christophe Camps Nancy
  • Vytautas Gasiunas Vilnius LITUANIE

Many French surgeons and foreigners not being able to be present had given their agreement in principle:

  • Jérome Garret Lyon
  • Jean-Michel Cognet Strasbourg
  • Hervé Pichon Grenoble
  • Pierre Mouton Bordeaux
  • Jean-Luc Pellat Marseille
  • Caroline Leclercq Paris
  • Michel Schoofs Lille
  • Minh Khauh Nguyen Toulon
  • Christophe Michaut Toulon
  • Amadio Marti Toulon
  • Constantin Drossos BELGIQUE
  • Sami Roukos Beyrouth LIBAN
  • Daniel Cloutier Québec CANADA
  • Philippe Liverneaux La Rochelle
  • Michel Rongières Toulouse
  • Olivier Delattre Martinique
  • Claude Serra HR Martinique
  • Laurent Obert Besançon
  • Bouali Amara Montpellier
  • Ferdinando DARIN Cortina d'Ampezzo ITALIE
  • Dominique Della-Santa Genève SUISSE
  • Philippe Pradel Grenoble
  • José Médina Iles Canaries ESPAGNE
  • Grégorio Martinez-Villen Zaragosse ESPAGNE
  • Riccardo Luchetti San Marin ITALIE
  • Andréa Atzei Vérone ITALIE
  • Tommy Lindau Holsingborg SUEDE
  • Jean-Noel Goubier Pontault-Combault
  • Gérard Gaujoux Aix -en-provence
  • Christian Thomas Toulon
  • Mario Lando Trente ITALIE
  • Jacques Sellah La Réunion
  • Paolo Panciera Silea ITALIE
  • Carla Baldrighi Vérone ITALIE
  • Dimitri Yanni Londres ANGLETERRE
  • Lorenzo Rocchi Rome ITALIE
  • Philippe Bellemere Nantes
  • Guillaume Robert Marseille

This is therefore by a wide European consensus, indeed more, than this corporation was created under the lawful form of an association law 1901.

The Aim is:

  • Teaching of the wrist arthroscopy
  • Creation of scientific works on a large scale -
  • Coordination of the activity of the members by a website

This corporation received the support of many corporations:

  • Federation of the European Societies for Surgery of the Hand (FESSH)
  • La Société Française de Chirurgie de la Main (SFCM-GEM)
  • La Société Française d'Arthroscopie.
  • Author : Messina Jane
  • Date : Mardi 30 Mars 2010

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